Vondal Meibur

Founder and mayor of Shearwater


130 years of age, claims to have founded [[Shearwater]] under the blessing of [[King Ocker]] himself in exchange for maintaining the road to the [[Hanging Monasteries]] and keeping them supplied with provisions throughout the winter months.

His current affiliation is unknown, as [[Kylar Chanak]] claims to have received information about the [[Heroes of Shearwater]], their location, and their possession of Astral Diamonds directly from him. Moreover, Kylar claimed Meibur was directly responsible for [[Grum Snicket]] and [[Dig Moloch]] arriving in Shearwater, suggesting his own town as the location of a thieves’ training guild in exchange for a majority of the profits. This information, however, is unconfirmed.

Vondal Meibur

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