Hanging Monasteries

The Hanging Monasteries are the ruins on the location of an alliance between the followers of various Gods, located within the Skyreach Range.

  • Population: 0
  • History: Founded in the year 458 by the Western Calendar, the Monasteries were established by followers of Avandra, Bahamut, Moradin, Pelor, and to combat the rising threat of Azmodeus’s earthly army. Exarchs of Moradin are said to have channeled their God’s strength in carving these massive temples out of the dense mountain rock.
    • By the year 470, the Monasteries boasted the foremost force of Good to be found in the world, and successfully quashed countless uprisings throughout the continent. As they fought, their numbers and powers grew, and they attained several unholy relics which they held in vaults deep beneath the mountains so as to protect the world from their evil powers.
    • In the year 500, the priests and paladins of the Monasteries were faced with a new foe in Tiamat, who had organized her followers in a grand structure known as the Spire of Blue Stars, many hundreds of miles into the Misted Ocean. A legion of white dragons, under the command of Surrimand, Son of Tiamat, claimed the peaks surrounding the Monasteries as their ancestral homeland, and strove to take it back by force. The months of fighting that ensued took the lives of several hundred champions of the Monasteries, but following the death of Surrimand at the hands of a small group of heroes who had infiltrated his hoard, they were ultimately victorious.
    • The years that followed were largely a time of peace, excepting the occasional skirmish with rogue groups of cultists. Over the course of 200 years, the Monasteries slowly dismantled their army, keeping only a few dozen guards on hand to keep watch over the hundreds of monks, priests, and scholars who took residence therein.
    • In the year 715, the Monasteries were besieged once more, this time by a small group of Dragons under the command of Dig Moloch. Utilizing the mass gravesite for the fallen at the previous battle, he amassed a large faction of undead as well, and was able to successfully rout the remaining soldiers of the Monasteries. Most of the inhabitants were able to escape, but the Monasteries themselves were destroyed.

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