Welcome to Shearwater!

What is it and why should you care?

Nestled between the Skyreach Range and Rokk River, the town of Shearwater would be described as “quaint” if one were trying to be supernaturally polite. Another, more common word for the town might be “boring.” Shearwater is the type of place where the law enforcement can, and does, take several days off without being missed or even noticed. It is an isolated, largely self-sustained community, so far off the beaten path that trade traffic is infrequent at best. The people are all content to let things go the way they’ve always been, slow and boring as that may be.

However, burglary has been on the rise and there’s been a string of violent crimes in and around Town Square, where people from all trades and backgrounds congregate on a nightly basis, to trade and share goods, stories, and promises for favors. The attacks have mostly been the result of an amateur pocket picking gone awry, but the assailants seem to have been vanishing the very second they leave the town, leaving no trace whatsoever. The population is terrified and intra-town trade has slowed to a crawl for fear of burglary and further attacks. Moreover, the sheriff is out of his league and helpless in the face of Shearwater’s first real crime spree in its 80-year history.

Who are you?

You are in your early adulthood, born and raised in the town. Most of you have never even been outside of the town’s walls, and certainly none of you have been to a larger town. However, you have all been present for perhaps the two most momentous occasions in the town’s history. 10 years ago, a caravan of entertainers, missionaries, and master craftsmen spent several months in town before leaving for the Hanging Monasteries further into the Skyreach Range. During their stay, they established a temple to Pelor on the edge of the town square, built a statue honoring the town’s founder Vondal Meibur and entranced the population with simple tricks of magic and swordsmanship. In their wake, they left a generation that wouldn’t be content to live as meagerly as their forefathers had.

Roughly one month before the burglaries began, the second great caravan departed from Shearwater, once again headed for the Monasteries to the north-west. Many who were but children 10 years prior were now full-grown, strong, and extremely capable young men and women. The second caravan provided an opportunity to see old friends, pick up new tricks, and impress the travelers with some tricks of their own. In honor of their journey, and to provide them with a send-off celebration, the town held a series of games for the departing caravan. These games ranged from feats of strength to displays of magical prowess, and the generation who watched a band of strangers conjure fire from thin air and effortlessly disarm foes a decade prior was now enthusiastic and driven, taking the majority of the titles.

Today, a call has gone out from the mayor for the winners of the recent caravan games to report and serve their town in this time of need. There’s not much available for reward except for the promise of adventure, but the weight of responsibility for the town’s well-being hangs around the necks of the well-equipped and powerful. You.

Where now?

You have an appointment with the sheriff at the Drunken Badger, the town’s foremost tavern and meeting place. You are unsure of what the future has in store, but you know in your heart that for better or for worse, you will not live the same lives as your ancestors.


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