Port Ocker


Situated at the mouth of the Rokk River and the coast of the Misty ocean, Port Ocker is the Western Continent’s primary hub for overseas trade and travel. Several roads also lead to the port town, but these are infrequently traveled due to the town’s location amidst difficult terrain. Despite its namesake, the town does not fall into the Ocker Kingdom, and is instead an autonomous republic, as per the wishes of the King’s Uncle, Lord Ethan Ocker.


  • Population: Around 9000
  • Government: Lord Ocker resides in the town, but delegates all ruling duties to the mayor, Kelana Dhoram II. In addition, there is an elected town council to provide the citizens a delegate in the government.
  • Defense: A large contingent of the Hanging Monasteries’ disbanded army have taken it upon themselves to keep watch over Port Ocker, even though attacks from the neighboring Trollhaunt have been infrequent and disorganized since the destruction of Moran’s Eye and the Fomorian Stone Cauldron.
  • Commerce: Once a struggling farmland with unsecured trade routes, Port Ocker has expanded to the point where it grows none of its own crops, instead opting to import from the Helion Fields surrounding the Ocker Kingdom as well as overseas. The town is a major hub for trade and travel, and has a good number of inns, taverns, and gaming halls, in addition to a massive, sprawling marketplace, which spans the entire peninsula. Common goods can be found at cut-rate prices and even magical items are reasonably priced due to the high competition. Since the arrival of the Monastery Watch, the once-thriving black market has taken underground—literally, to the caves of the abandoned warrens within the Trollhaunt.
  • Organizations: Aside from the bevy of temples (the town boasts temples to Avandra, Bahamut, Corellon, Erathis, Ioun, Kord, Melora, Moradin, Pelor, Sehanine, and even the Raven Queen), Port Ocker has a number of well-organized professional guilds, where one can find a master craftsman of near-any trade, mages and wizards knowledgeable and skilled at a variety of rituals, as well as the Monastery Watch, which has been constantly recruiting in the wake of the Hanging Monasteries’ destruction.


  • Originally an outpost on an exploratory expedition led by Etheran Okker in the year 548, the King’s son quickly saw use for the location as an eastern port, as well as a way to transport supplies to the Hanging Monasteries via the Rokk River. Subsequently, he contracted several laborers from his father’s kingdom to begin construction on roads, docks, and walls.
  • In 549, a portal to the Feywild was discovered on a rocky island off the southern coast of the peninsula. Spotted by a laborer ferrying supplies across the river to the light of the full moon, a small group, led by Mikkael Dhoram, discovered an Eladrin city immediately on the other side. An emissary from the Eladrin named Rualiss explained the Moonstair, as they called the portal, and took up residence in Port Okker at the behest of Etheran, who desired maintained contact with the Eladrin due to a number of recent skirmishes with trolls on the northern border of town.
  • In 559, Etheran was killed while on an expedition into the Trollhaunt, inciting several heated battles between a small group of adventurers and the so-called “Troll King,” Skalmad.
  • By 560, the adventurers were successful in quelling the troll unification, as they destroyed the resurrected Vard, historic king of the trolls.

Port Ocker

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